Give'em The Business


“Give’em The Business” is a podcast about Black entrepreneurs and business leaders sharing their stories of adversity and success. Hosted by Troy D. Evans, the show shines a light on the untold and true life adventures on some of Black America’s best-kept secrets.


Texcel Communications: Bud Atkins

May 25, 2020 | RUNTIME: 00:44:55 | DOWNLOAD
A conversation with founder of Texcel Communications, Bud Atkins. Bud discusses entrepreneurship in Cleveland OH, getting a late start on his path to business and the leap from Corporate America to small business owner.


Capital Fortitude Business Advisors: Cassius Butts

May 12, 2020 | RUNTIME: 00:48:04 | DOWNLOAD
A conversation with Cassius Butts, President Obama’s appointee and the first African American Southeast Regional Administrator of the SBA.


Cityscape Housing: Robb Jones

APR 28, 2020 | RUNTIME: 00:46:26 | DOWNLOAD
Cityscape Housing Founder Robb Jones talks about the ups and downs of real estate development and surviving the housing crisis of 2008.


Air Atlanta: Julius Hollis

APR 14, 2020 | RUNTIME: 01:08:28 | DOWNLOAD
A conversation with Julius Hollis, Co-Founder of Air Atlanta, the nation’s first and only Black commercial airline.



APR 2, 2020 | RUNTIME: 00:02:45 | DOWNLOAD
Hosted by Troy D. Evans, a new podcast launching on April 14, 2020, featuring intriguing interviews with Black business leaders from across the globe.